Music Videos

Music videos are an art form of itself. I love shooting music videos in different styles and locations. Find below some of the recent videos I had the chance to create.

Kemi Cee, Femme Phänomenal
CA3SAR feat. Daniel Groe – Frankfurter Stolz
Kemi Cee – Boss Mom
Annabell Whitney – Ich & Du
Slide by Julianna “Julie” Townsend. Julie is not only a great model, but also a talented singer. If you want to follow her journey, make sure to tune into this seasons of Heidi Klum’s Germany’s Next Topmodel season, where Julie will fight for the big win.
With talented singer Telly Siebert we shot this video on the river main. Driving a classic italian boat across the river Telly brings us to the most beautiful places of this city. Enjoy the ride.
With singer and model Sandel we shot in a beautiful hotel room in Heidelberg. Come join us on dreamy song by this talented artist.
With singer Joe Whitney we drive in a classic Ford Mustang through downtown Frankfurt. Enjoy the ride.
The StreetLive Family is a bunch of incredible music artists from across the world. We had the honor to shoot there summer music video on a beach setting near Frankfurt.
Groundtown 99 is a new upcoming band with young musicians. We shot their music video near a beautiful grafitti wall in their homebase Babenhausen.